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The Butterfly Nebula in Emission-Line
Type Nebula
Constellation Cygnus
Distance 5,000 ly
More Info
Date 14 Jul 2006 (Summer)
Place Carlsbad, CA
Exposure Data SII:Ha:OIII 20:120:20 mins @ -10C
Ha 8x15 (bin 1x1), OIII 4x5 (bin 2x2), OIII 4x5 (bin 2x2) as RGB
Notes Ha also used as the Luminance layer
Uses the OIII filter for both Green and Blue.
Optics Takahashi FSQ-106N Refractor
Focal Length 530mm @f/5
Mount Celestron CGE
Camera SBIG ST-2000XM
Focuser Robo-Focus
Filters CFW10A, Astrodon 6nm Ha, OIII
Software MaxIm DL 4, Photoshop cs

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