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NGC5963 & NGC5965 Galaxies
NGC5963 & NGC5965
Type Galaxies
Constellation Draco
Distance 40,000,000 ly & 200,000 ly
More Info
Date 03 Jun 2016 (Spring)
Place Palomar Mountain, CA
Exposure Data LRGB 165:45:45:45 mins @ -25C
Lum 11x15, R 3x15, G 3x15, B 3x15 (bin 1x1)
Notes NGC5963 is the face on, NGC5965 is the edge-on.
Optics DSI RC10C Corrected RC Astrograph
Focal Length 1867mm @f/7.3
Mount Astro-Physics 900GTO
Camera FLI ML-6303E
Focuser Built-in Secondary Focuser
Filters FLI CFW2-7, Astrodon Gen 2 LRGB
Software Maxim DL, CCDStack, Photoshop